Going Outside: my new project

This is the year, the year we make the great outdoors even greater.  We love music, and we're excited by the idea of outdoor television and movies.  Our challenge now is making the space fit you and your family. We provide all sorts of solutions and ideas for you to peruse, from our...

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Plan, Design, Implement

Remodeling? Building a new home? After years of working with clients on their projects, building our own showrooms and remodeling at home, it’s my opinion that the most expensive mistake many people make is the money they don’t spend.  About 2 years ago, we were expandi...

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Pimp My Garage

My first love will always be washing and waxing my car and truck. I find it relaxing, and really is there anything better than watching raindrops dance on new wax job? My second great love is watching TV. Yes, I'm a child of the great TV generation. And, if it were up to me, Ed Su...

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Going green with Gramophone

Gramophone is a founding member of a national organization called HTSA - Home Theater Specialists of America. HTSA recently developed a Guiltless Green Home Theater. Click on this link to see a video for more information. We've been thinking a lot about what else we can do to help our cl...

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Today is DTV transition day!

It's a new day in TV watching today. If you are receiving your TV from a cable or satellite provider everything stays the same for you, but if you use a rooftop antenna or rabbit ears, your TV may not work the way it used to. The fix is simple - you just need a DTV converter box. If you have any...

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