Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas | Day 8: Lutron Home Control







Lutron TouchPRO Wireless thermostat

The Lutron TouchPRO Wireless thermostat combines the trusted brand of Honeywell® with Lutron innovation. 


  • Designed by Honeywell and communicates via Lutron Clear Connect™ RF Technology
  • Features an intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Easy installation -- replaces existing thermostat
  • Create energy-saving schedules using Home Control + app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, as well as Android devices. Now available in the App Store and in the Android Market.
  • Control temperature from keypads, sensors, mobile devices, and third-party control systems
  • Automatically control your temperature to save energy using the 7-day, 4-event HVAC schedule. The schedule includes recommended settings to save energy and maintain comfort
  • Use the “Green” button to control lights, shades, appliances, and temperature as part of a whole home system. The “Green” button dims lights 5%, lowers shades to block heat gain and sets back the temperature 2º F.
  • Lutron’s Radio Powr Savr™ occupancy sensors can select a set point when space is occupied, and another when space is vacant, automatically saving energy when no one is around.

Wireless Shade System

Another way to maximize your home's energy efficiency is to install motorized shades in your windows. Lutron's newest offering is a wireless, battery-powered cellular shade system.  Whether you’re redecorating a room or installing new energy-efficient window throughout your home, adding Sivoia QS Wireless Cellular Shades from Lutron will complete the look beautifully and provide additional energy savings.

Available in 3 styles and a huge selection of colors, these wireless shades are designed to provide superior insulation, and feature a 3-year battery life.  The supplied remote control easily operates the shades, which are also compatible with most home automation and control systems such as URC, Savant, and Crestron.

In addition to providing energy savings, a single press of a button from a remote control can set multiple shades in motion, making it convenient to open and close hard-to-reach window treatments, all while reducing glare and increasing privacy. Since the shades are cordless, these are great additions to homes with young children.

Innovative air pockets built into the shades trap heat (or cold air) to provide superior insulation for enhanced energy efficiency. All shade fabrics have a white backing, which acts as a reflector to help keep your space cool and comfortable. With a choice of opacity from sheer to room darkening, you'll be able to also achieve the optimal level of light control and privacy. 

Have questions? Take a look at the FAQ sheet that Lutron has compiled about this shading system.