Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas | Day 3: URC One-Touch Remote

The 3rd gift on our Top 10 Holiday Gifts for 2011 is a Universal Remote Control [URC], specifically URC's MX-980.  Do you find yourself regularly overwhelmed by the number of remotes you have to use to watch a movie?  This Holiday Season, give the gift of clutter-free living.  With the URC MX-980 universal remote control, you can replace every remote control in your home with one remote control that does it all.

Replace every remote in your household with one MX-980 and experience what it's like to not have piles of remote controls everywhere.  When you pick up the MX-980, you'll experience superior ergonomic design, and button layout optimized for your ease of use.  Your thumb is never out of reach of critical controls.  Control your lighting, Television, blu-ray player, and other devices you never dreamed possible, and do it all with the press of a single button!  Find this remote and others in Gramophone's Holiday Gift-Giving Guide for 2011.