Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas | Day 1: NAD Electronics' DAC 1

Our Holiday Gift Giving Guide for 2011 features a number of products to enhance your computer audio (whether from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone), but the cool thing about the first of our Top 10 Gifts for 2011 is that it bridges the gap between the stereo system you have now & where you store all of your music.  10 years ago, you were listening to music from CDs, but now most of your music is stored in iTunes or in a streaming music server, right?  Have you forgotten about your music system?  Put it back to work with the NAD Electronics DAC 1.


It’s simple. It’s fun! Your old outdated hi-fi can jump right into the world of computer music. A veritable feast of convenient options for listening to music now exists on the World Wide Web. From the worlds’ great FM radio stations, now on the internet, to “cloud services” like Spotify and MOG that offer better sound quality and more control over your music choices. Imagine: Jazz from Paris, news from London, Hip Hop from Detroit and Rock from New York and Los Angeles.

NAD’s two-piece DAC 1 is a super simple way to listen to any music stored on - or streamed to - your PC or Mac. This point-to-point wireless technology features the full audio bandwidth and remains uncompressed for the best possible sound quality.


Just insert the DAC 1 into the USB port on your computer. Now anything you can hear on your PC is digitally transmitted to your hi-fi! To enhance your experience there are several smartphone apps available to remotely operate your PC or Mac and deliver the rich user interface of the computer right to your fingertips. Imagine your computer can reside in the office, while you are controlling & listening to the computer music wirelessly in your living room.


The DAC 1 Wireless USB Digital-to-Analogue Converter brings a whole new world of musical experience and choice to your hi-fi experience. It may be the best money you have ever spent! Step into the 21st Century listening experience: just add NAD’s DAC 1 to your component stereo system and enjoy!