5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Your Home Entertainment System Online

It’s the Friday your surround system that you purchased online is set to arrive, “by the end of the day” based on what the tracking information says. At 5:30, your system get's dropped off and the UPS or FedEx employee bolts to get home for the weekend, leaving you to find the box cutter. As you begin unpacking, you ponder where to best place your speakers and how on earth you are going to hide the speaker wires that run from each speaker to the receiver. A little overwhelmed, you open the last box and are shocked to find the subwoofer is punctured. 

A few weeks back, you'd walked into a few stores in the area to touch and see what to buy, but until you saw the prices were slightly less online, you even considered using one of the local dealers.  Now you're surrounded by cardboard, packing materials, and a punctured subwoofer.  But you're persistant, and WILL make this work out.

Depending on what the system is by Saturday evening you might have the system sort of working (without a subwoofer...for now); hiding wires & cables became less of a priority after spending most of the night and all of Saturday trying and re-trying.

But what about that subwoofer? Did you read the return and service policy from your online retailer? Who is going to pay to ship this 95-pound behemoth back to the manufacturer, and who will pay to have a new one shipped to you? Do you even know what an RMA is?