TIMONIUM showroom

4 WEST AYLESBURY ROAD, Call 410-308-1650 to schedule your appointment

The immersive showrooms in our Timonium location, near Towson, Lutherville-Timonium, Mays Chapel, and Hunt Valley are prepared to impress. We are located off of 83 and best of all, we are just down the road from the Kitchen Design Center by Gramophone, where our experts are ready to build your dream space around top audio and visual products. Our showroom features great brands like Sonus faber, McIntosh, Focal, Naim, SennheiserAudeze.

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the HiFi Zone: Where Audiophile Dreams Become Reality

Unleash your inner audiophile and enter Gramophone's IFI Zone – a paradise reimagined for the modern ear. Here, the warm crackle of vinyl transcends the limitations of your living room, transforming into a symphony of pure, unadulterated sound. No matter your sonic preference, the IFI Zone has a match. It's where the timeless magic of vinyl meets the cutting-edge innovation of modern headphones, creating an unforgettable listening experience. So, put on your favorite record, slip on a pair of these audiophile marvels, and prepare to be transported.

Hear Luxury: Immerse Yourself in the Sonus Faber Listening Room

The Sonus Faber Listening Room is a sanctuary for the senses, a haven crafted to envelop you in the richest tapestry of sound. But the true magic lies in the centerpiece: the Sonus Faber speakers and McIntosh systems themselves. Imagine gleaming works of art, sculpted from the finest materials with a meticulous attention to detail that would make a Renaissance master proud. As the first notes caress the air, a hush falls. The room transforms into a concert hall, a recording studio, or the heart of a jazz club – all at your command. The Sonus Faber Listening Room isn't just about listening to music; it's about being swept away by it.

The Director's Dream Realized: Witness the Power of Film with Wisdom Audio & Trinnov

Strap yourself in for a cinematic odyssey unlike any other. Imagine a realm where sound transcends mere listening, transforming into a tangible presence that envelops you. This is the magic of a Wisdom Audio theater, empowered by the visionary alchemy of Trinnov technology. Wisdom Audio speakers are the Stradivari of the home theater experience. Their exquisite line source design paints the soundscape with unparalleled detail and precision. Dialogue whispers with intimacy, while the roar of a jet engine assaults you with visceral impact. Every rustle, every creak, every note is delivered with a purity that transports you straight to the heart of the action.

Unleash Your Senses:
The Focal Surround Experience

Buckle up for a sonic adventure! Dive into the heart of the movie with Focal Surround Experience. Imagine yourself transported to a world where sound isn't just heard, it's felt. With pinpoint precision and heart-stopping power, Focal Surround Experience throws you into the center of the action. Feel the roar of the crowd as your favorite team scores the winning goal. Experience the adrenaline rush of a spaceship chase as if you're in the cockpit. Focal Surround Experience brings the drama, the emotion, the very essence of entertainment to life in your living room.

ENJOY A VIRTUAL ROUND at The Lodge Golf Simulator 

Imagine yourself stepping into a world of championship greens and breathtaking fairways, all within the luxurious confines of the Gramophone Lodge. The Gramophone Lodge's golf simulator room is designed to pamper you as much as it challenges you. Imagine plush seating surrounding the playing area, inviting you to relax and unwind between rounds. As you wait for your next shot, enjoy the sleek Samsung TV frame that seamlessly blends into the room's sophisticated ambiance. A refreshment station beckons, stocked with your favorite beverages to keep you hydrated throughout your virtual golfing odyssey.



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