COLUMBIA showroom

8880 McGaw Road, Call 410-381-2100 to schedule your appointment

Nestled between Columbia, Savage, and Eldridge, we have a unique location boasting an outdoor A/V entertainment scene and an integrated tech office space. Located just off 95 and 32, our experts are waiting to meet with you about your project and show you around our A/V displays, featuring brands like KEF, FocalMarantz and Bowers & Wilkins.

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Immerse Yourself in Superior Sound

KEF's audio experience room is designed to create a realistic and immersive listening environment. The room is acoustically treated to minimize sound reflections and distortions. This allows you to hear the music or movie exactly as the artist or director intended, with a clear and detailed soundstage. The KEF audio experience room is designed to transport you to the heart of the music or movie. It's a great way to experience the true potential of KEF's speakers.

Immerse Yourself in the possibilities:
The Outdoor sound Stage

In the Columbia showroom, we give you a feel for what your backyard can be like. An outdoor TV that can handle rain, snow and bright sun, you can imagine watching the game in a perfect setting. From hidden speakers, the melody unfolds. Each note is crisp and clear, carried on the breeze without distortion. The bass vibrates subtly through the ground, adding a depth that resonates in your chest. You close your eyes, letting the music wash over you. The vocals seem to float in the air, as if the singer is serenading you personally. Add in outdoor lights that cast a warm, golden glow, weaving a web of soft illumination across the virtual patio. 

Ketra lighting: Inspiring Light for Extraordinary Spaces

Columbia features Ketra Lighting, the artists of illumination, the Michelangelos of megawatts, if you will. They don't just offer lighting, they craft brilliance to transform your space into a luminous masterpiece. Imagine walking into a room bathed in Ketra's glow, and feeling like you've stepped into a world designed by light itself. It's lighting that inspires, that ignites the imagination, and takes your space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Wisdom Audio Dolby Atmos Theater: Where fantasy becomes reality

Wisdom Audio crafts not just a home theater, but a portal to another dimension. Imagine the heart-pounding roar of a spaceship thundering overhead, the delicate patter of rain cascading around you, or the whispered secrets swirling behind your very seat. Wisdom's Dolby Atmos Theater transcends the boundaries of sound, weaving a tapestry of sonic textures so rich, so detailed, you'll swear you've stepped into the movie. 

The pinnacle of HiFi: A Sonus Faber Amati & McIntosh Dream System

Unleash a symphony for your senses. Imagine the Sonus Faber Amati, a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship, where gleaming wood finishes whisper of timeless elegance and hand-crafted leather caresses the sound like the finest velvet glove. This is not merely a speaker, it's a sculptural embodiment of sonic passion. Paired with the legendary McIntosh system, the Amati transcends fidelity. The warm glow of the McIntosh tubes ignites a sonic alchemy, drawing you into the heart of the music. Instruments bloom with unparalleled clarity, vocals shimmer with emotion, and every note resonates with the power and purity of a live performance.



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