Home Network

Sit together and surf the web, or relax by the pool and enjoy a streaming movie on your tablet. Meanwhile, your oldest is doing homework on another device. We’re more connected than ever, and everything we do requires a robust, ultra-secure network with the ability to expand as devices are added.

Today, the network encompasses the office, car, and while traveling. And, it has become the necessary digital infrastructure of your home and life. At Gramophone, we know sophisticated networks and how to wire your property to be always on, stable and secure. We only install leading-edge technologies that encrypt Wi-Fi and keep your data and family safe.

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With Gramophone, your entire property gets coverage, guests can easily access the network, yet your personal data remains secure. We can even provide offsite monitoring services, which alert us to a network issue before it even occurs. We promise to deploy high-integrity, secure systems that keep you constantly connected — regardless of how many devices are used.


Client Care


Welcome to your new technology experience. The complex array of high-tech equipment running behind the scenes makes it all possible. Keep all of the devices and your network online and optimized with one of our Client Care Programs.

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